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Random generator – YES / NO

Our random yes and no generator helps you decide. Our Yes-No random generator is completely independent and truly 100% random.

Yes or No?

Yes or No? Should I or shouldn’t I? Our Yes-No random generator helps

Are you faced with a decision and unsure whether to make it or not? It’s a typical yes-or-no question where you wonder if you should take the risk of ordering that new guitar or if you should go out for a drink with your friends. A random number generator can give you a quick answer, but it is important to remember that it is not always wise to leave important decisions to chance. Also use your intuition and reason to make the best possible decision. However, for less important decisions, chance can be a fun option. How about a hike where you let chance decide at each fork in the road? But make sure you don’t get lost along the way!


Sometimes it is necessary to say “no”. It is important to recognise when it is appropriate to reject a decision or refuse an offer. It can be difficult to say no, especially if it is to an important person or if you are afraid of damaging the relationship. But it is also important to remember that saying “no” is sometimes the best way to take care of yourself and protect your boundaries. It can also be an opportunity to communicate what you really want or need. When you learn to say no, you can better stand up for yourself and invest your time and energy in things that are really important to you.


On the other hand, a “yes” can lead to new experiences, opportunities and adventures. A “yes” can also mean that you are willing to take risks and move out of your comfort zone. It can be an opportunity to meet new people, develop skills and broaden your perspective. By saying “yes” more often, you can make your life more interesting and varied, and possibly discover new opportunities you hadn’t noticed before. However, it is also important to be able to say “yes” without overstepping yourself or your boundaries. Finding a balance between “yes” and “no” can help to achieve a healthy work-life balance and a fulfilling life.

Why people are more likely to say yes instead of no

Compared to the random, we often tend to agree with other people more often when they ask us for a favour. However, we sometimes feel bad afterwards because we should have refused but put our own feelings on hold. Denying something evokes negative feelings, often associated with prohibitions, arguments and disagreements. For this reason, we prefer to say yes to avoid these unpleasant feelings.

In fact, some people have a tendency to say yes (akquiescence), regardless of the content of the question. This can lead to bias in the measurement of surveys and statistics. To avoid such bias, control questions with negative wording can be used to identify the “yes-sayers”.

However, it is perfectly fine to say no, and it may even be necessary in order to stand up for oneself and set boundaries. It is not always possible to please everyone, and it is important to be happy with your own decisions. It is also not necessary to give a reason why you are saying no to something.

By learning to say no, you can earn respect and be more likely to be asked for help in the future when it really matters. It can also lead to less stress and increased self-confidence.

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